NCARB is in the process of preparing an online proctored option for the ARE, which is expected to launch in November 2020. As more information becomes available, you can find the latest updates on online proctoring here, including links to policy information, updated resources, and more.


August 2020: Guide to setting up testing environment. Late-September: 2020 Details about updated exam format and policies. October 2020: Updated Guidelines, Handbook, and Demo Exam; New test prep videos available; Details on the cut score process and testing accommodations. Mid-November 2020: Updated exam and online proctoring option launches.  December 2020: Update on cut score progress. Early-2021: Details about switch from Prometric to PSI. Summer 2021: Online and in-person ARE available at PSI.


  • Candidates will have the option to choose between in-person and online testing each time they schedule an ARE appointment.
  • The ARE’s content and division structure will not change.
  • Aspects of the exam’s delivery are being updated for both in-person and online administrations to increase exam security and provide a more efficient experience.
  • In summer 2021, NCARB will switch to a new test administration vendor, PSI, for both in-person and online testing.

Testing Requirements

Online (or remote) proctoring enables candidates to take the ARE in a private location of their choice that meets the necessary requirements for delivery, during a scheduled appointment time. Exam appointments will be closely monitored by a live “online proctor,” who will ensure compliance with testing conditions.

To take the ARE online, you will need:

  • A private testing area
  • A computer that has been loaded with Prometric’s secure testing browser application
  • A live audio and video feed
  • A high-speed internet connection
  • To meet NCARB and Prometric's additional requirements, coming soon

Be on the lookout for minimum technical and environmental requirements for online testing. You can also visit Prometric’s website to learn about their online platform.

Latest Updates

Find more information and updates regarding online proctoring: