Migration From Prometric to PSI Coming Early-2022

Last fall, NCARB announced that we will be switching the test administration vendor for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) from Prometric to PSI. Originally, we anticipated this migration to happen sometime in summer 2021. To ensure the migration will go as smoothly as possible and allow time for enhancements to the candidate experience, we have decided to adjust this timeline to early-2022. More detailed information regarding the migration timeline will be released later this year to allow candidates ample time to plan their future testing strategy.

NCARB will announce the final launch date with PSI no less than three months in advance of the PSI launch. Candidates will receive at least three months’ notice about this date so they can plan future PSI appointments in coordination with any appointments scheduled with Prometric.

Appointments with Prometric will not be affected by the move to PSI. No one will have their appointment canceled as a result of the migration. Candidates can have confidence booking with Prometric and should continue to do so when they are ready to test.

Reminders for Online Proctored Test Takers

If you have an upcoming appointment with Prometric via their online ProProctor, here are some things to keep in mind during your appointment: 

  • Schedule a Test Run. NCARB has worked with Prometric to create a “test run” resource for candidates preparing to take an online proctored ARE appointment. Through your NCARB Record, you can schedule a free, 30-minute trial appointment with Prometric to confirm your computer and testing space meet the requirements for online proctoring. 
  • Alert your online proctor before going on break. To take a break, you must click the “Take a Break” button and confirm that your proctor sees the break screen before leaving your testing area. 
  • Remember to end your exam. When you are done taking an exam, click the “End Exam” button and exit ProProctor.
  • Use the chat feature if you experience any tech issue. The chat tool in ProProctor is your resource to get support from Prometric in troubleshooting any issue when taking the test through an online appointment. Prometric will provide information or instructions on next steps via the tool once you have alerted them. 

Update on Tech Issues

NCARB and our test delivery partners, Prometric and Zoomorphix, continue to address technical issues for both in-person and online exams. The overall proportion of candidates reporting tech issues is down to 10% overall (compared to13% in January)—but we still have work to do. We’re actively completing quality assurance reviews of Prometric updates that should improve the overall performance of the ARE and will be deployed later this month. Also, the majority of exam administrations (approximately 75%) continue to be delivered at Prometric centers, while the remaining 25% are taken online. 

If you experience a technical issue, immediately notify your proctor and then contact NCARB within 15 days. Remember, if you’re unable to complete the exam due to a major technical issue, we will work with you to reschedule the division at no cost.