Understanding whether or not your testing space meets all the specific requirements for online proctoring can be stressful. To help remove the guesswork from your preparation, take advantage of our “test run” resource for candidates preparing to take an online proctored Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) appointment.


Prep for the ARE With NCARB’s Free Practice Exams

Studying for the ARE? Use NCARB’s six free practice exams—one full-length exam per division—to prepare. You can access the practice exams in the “exam” section of your NCARB Record.

Through the test run service in your NCARB Record, you can schedule a free, 30-minute trial appointment with PSI to confirm your computer and testing space meet the requirements for online proctoring. You can also use this time to understand how you’ll be interacting with your PSI proctor during your appointment and what to expect on test day.

Set Up for Your Test Run

To get the most out of your test run, treat it as a dress rehearsal for your real online proctored appointment. You should be prepared to use the exact same setup for your test run appointment that you are planning to use for your actual ARE appointment, so be sure to set up your space in advance of the test run.

To learn more about setting up your space, carefully review the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.

During your test run appointment, you’ll go through the ARE check-in process with a real PSI proctor. You’ll have the opportunity to confirm that your computer system and internet connection meet the technical requirements to launch PSI's Bridge. You’ll also see a short, unscored “quiz” as part of the test run, but you are not required to complete it.

When and How to Schedule

Because you may identify potential problems with your online testing setup, it’s a good idea to schedule your test run far enough in advance of your actual ARE appointment so that you are able to implement a solution or reschedule if necessary.

You can schedule your test run by navigating to the “Exams” tab in your NCARB Record.

You will receive some information about the test run before completing the scheduling process. After you schedule your appointment, you’ll receive an appointment confirmation email, and you'll see your test run appointment in the "Scheduled Divisions" section of your Exam tab. 

How to Troubleshoot During and After

If you run into technical trouble during your test run—including launching the appointment or Bridge and connecting with your proctor—work with PSI’s technical support for further assistance resolving the issue. The test run allows you the opportunity to resolve any issues before your ARE appointment.

If you find that your computer setup or testing space do not meet the requirements, refer to the ARE 5.0 Guidelines for more information. If necessary, reschedule your appointment for a later date to give yourself time to resolve any issues.