Online proctoring and the related exam changes launch on December 14. Experience the new format and practice using the digital whiteboard through the updated demo exam, now available in your My NCARB account!

NCARB’s new digital whiteboard tool is now available in the updated demo exam. Plus, we’ve created several free resources to help you prepare for the upcoming launch of online proctoring and familiarize yourself with changes to the exam’s navigation, tools, and timing. Keep in mind, the changes will impact all exam appointments—whether you’re taking the ARE online or at a test center—starting on December 14.

Updated Demo Exam—Including Digital Whiteboard

You can now practice using the new digital whiteboard tool through the updated demo exam in your My NCARB account. Through the whiteboard, you can add text, create shapes, and sketch. Watch our video walk-through to learn how to navigate the digital whiteboard tool. We recommend becoming familiar with the functionality of the new whiteboard tool before taking the updated exam.

The updated demo exam also features 75 practice items, a three-hour testing duration, and all the updated navigation features and tools you’ll see when testing from December 14 onward.

Be sure to test the new break feature in the demo exam. When you indicate you’re ready to take a break, you’ll be directed to the Exam Summary screen, where you’ll have the chance to review and return to any seen items before beginning your break. Once you return from your break, any seen items—whether answered or incomplete—will be locked, and you won’t be able to revisit them.

The full-length demo exam isn’t scored, but you can find answers to many of the sample items in the ARE 5.0 Handbook. Check out the ARE 5.0 Online Community to discuss all of the sample items.

ARE 5.0 Test Prep Videos

To help you make the most of all the exam changes, we’ve updated our ARE 5.0 Test Prep video series, available free on YouTube. Watch our updated ARE 5.0 Navigation and ARE 5.0 Strategies videos to get a walk-through of all the updated exam features and start preparing your testing strategy.

We've also released a new digital whiteboard video featuring an in-depth review of how to use the new whiteboard tool, with tips on making the most of its features and functionality.

In addition, we’ve updated the videos on each of the six ARE 5.0 divisions to include the latest information, including the new exam timing details and latest suggested references.


As you practice with the updated demo exam, we’re sure you’ll have questions. Join us at 3 p.m. ET on November 17 for a live webinar, where you’ll have the chance to ask questions about the exam changes and walk through the tools with our staff members. Register now.