Each year, NCARB releases an annual report, which provides transparency into the work our organization accomplished during the past fiscal year. We are excited to release our FY21 Annual Report, highlighting progress in the six organizational objectives outlined in NCARB’s Strategic Plan.

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For NCARB, FY21 was a year of fast-paced change, driven by ongoing collaboration and thought leadership both within the architecture community and beyond. Our agility and desire for continuous improvement positioned us for a rapid adjustment to the realities of the pandemic and the ongoing exploration of how NCARB can address impediments to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Thanks to the dedication of the entire NCARB community, we were able to enhance many of our core services and take advantage of new opportunities to go further:

  • Launched the online proctoring option for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®)
  • Worked to address barriers encountered early on the path to becoming an architect by:
    • Initiating ongoing discussions about flexible, accessible paths to licensure
    • Creating a new Destination Architect campaign to raise awareness of the licensure process
    • Collaborating with our collaterals to release new resources for K-12 students and guidance counselors
  • Evaluated the impact that NCARB’s programs have on DEI in the profession and within our own communities
  • Continued to support our members and volunteers with refreshed collaboration platforms and hybrid virtual/in-person engagement options
  • Explored issues central to the practice of architecture—including incidental practice, responsible charge, and continuing education
  • Evolved our role in the arena of advocacy as we ensure that our key stakeholders can educate and inform legislators about the value of reasonable regulation
  • Kept an eye on the future of how the profession protects the public, so that we can take full advantage of the growth opportunities ahead

Additional Report Features

As you explore major updates structured around our Strategic Plan’s objectives, you’ll also come across a timeline of our key efforts throughout the fiscal year, a series of volunteer reports, an overview of NCARB’s organizational structure, and more.