Each year, NCARB releases an annual report, which provides transparency into the work our organization accomplished during the past fiscal year. We are excited to release our FY22 Annual Report, highlighting the progress we’ve made across the six organizational objectives outlined in NCARB’s Strategic Plan.

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Each NCARB fiscal year starts in July and ends in June at our Annual Business Meeting. FY22 was a year of rapid change for NCARB, driven by continued collaboration and thought leadership within and outside the architecture industry. While many of our organizational initiatives came to fruition over the past year, others are still just beginning. Thanks to the commitment of the entire NCARB community, we were able to improve and add to many of our core services, including:

  • Launching new free practice exams for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®)
  • Migrating to a new test delivery partner, PSI
  • Introducing testing accommodations for candidates who speak or read English as a Second Language
  • Conducting our once-in-a-decade Analysis of Practice study, which explored the current practice of architecture by reaching out to thousands of architects, designers, educators, and emerging professionals to better understand how they work, collaborate, and protect the public
  • Continuing outreach to students, licensure candidates, and architects, raising awareness of NCARB’s mission and recent improvements to our core programs
  • Releasing the 11th edition of our annual data report, NCARB by the Numbers, offering new and exclusive insights on the path to licensure
  • Updating several key documents used by our member licensing boards, such as our Bylaws and Certification Guidelines
  • Evaluate the impact that NCARB’s programs have on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the profession as a whole and within our own communities.
  • Continuing to promote reasonable regulation and collaborate with advocacy partners on issues central to the practice of architecture

As an organization, we continue to explore the future of the profession and identify ways to take full advantage of evolving opportunities to go further in our mission.

Who We Are

While NCARB depends on hundreds of volunteers and licensing board members from across the country to develop our programs, update our policies, and lead our Board of Directors, we also rely on our dedicated employees to keep those programs and services running. Learn more about our staff culture and how we’re hoping to go further in the next fiscal year.

Additional Report Features

Our Annual Report contains more than just major updates structured around our Strategic Plan’s objectives. You’ll also come across a timeline of our efforts throughout the fiscal year, a series of volunteer reports—including reports from our president and treasurer—an overview of NCARB’s organizational structure, and more.