Completing Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®) is an important step for licensure candidates as they build up proper competency for safe practice. But they couldn’t do it without their respective supervisors and mentors as “pillars of support” for the next generation of architects.  

With busy professional lives and evolving programs, it can be difficult to know what support candidates need. Here are a couple of takeaways both AXP supervisors and candidates should consider as they work to successfully complete the program and grow professionally.

Communication is Key

Everyone has their own story and their own experience. To avoid confusion along the road, we recommend meeting often and setting shared expectations—check out our AXP Candidate and Supervisor Expectations resource. While going over experience reports, take the opportunity to chat about licensure goals, share advice, and respond to any other questions.

Diverse Experience

While progressing through the program, some candidates may have difficulty earning a variety of experience opportunities. While many firms can offer different types of real-world experience, others may not—and that’s okay. We recommend exploring the AXP Guidelines together to identify both experience settings and additional opportunities (e.g., design competitions) that can still ensure candidates are gaining the competency required to practice, while soaking up a wide range of experience within the field.

For more information about the experience program and its requirements, we encourage all candidates and supervisors to explore our free AXP tools and resources, including how-to videos, blogs, and more.