NCARB is committed to ensuring that the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) is accessible for all candidates. After reviewing exam performance data for candidates who read English as a second language (ESL), NCARB is now offering two ESL testing accommodations: 

  • Additional testing time: Twenty percent (20%) of the original testing time for each division as an extension to the original testing time.   
  • Word-to-word translation dictionary: For candidates testing at a PSI test center, use of personally supplied, printed word-to-word translation dictionary of the candidate’s choosing that has no additional notes or markings added to the text. The word-to-word translation dictionary will be inspected by test center staff.  

You are eligible to apply for one or both of these accommodations if English is not your native language. *  All accommodations must be approved before you schedule an exam appointment and cannot be retroactively applied to previously scheduled appointments.  

To apply for ESL testing accommodations, follow the outlined steps below:  

  1. Complete the ESL Accommodations Request Form Through My NCARB Log in to My NCARB and navigate to the Exams tab to review and complete the ESL Accommodations Request Form. As part of the process, you will be required to provide documentation that verifies the validity of your ESL testing accommodation request. You can learn more about the documentation required below. If you need guidance determining acceptable documentation, please contact us.
  2. Submit the Application After you have completed the application, submit it via My NCARB.
  3. Receive Accommodations Approval Accommodations must be approved prior to the scheduling of an exam appointment. Do not attempt to schedule an appointment before receiving written approval. Please allow 7-10 business days for NCARB to process your request.
  4. Schedule Your Appointment Once you have been approved for testing accommodations, you will receive instructions on how to schedule an appointment. While some appointments may be able to be scheduled through your NCARB Record, depending on the accommodation, it may be necessary to schedule by phone. Do not attempt to schedule any exam appointments until you receive written notification that accommodations have been approved.