We want to make the path to licensure as inclusive as possible—which is why we created the AXP Portfolio. By completing an online portfolio, designers with years of experience in the AEC field  can use examples of work to satisfy the AXP, rather than documenting experience through the traditional hourly method. 

Through this option, licensure candidates with years of AXP experience that fall outside the reporting requirement can demonstrate their competency in the AXP’s 96 tasks by uploading exhibits—documents, PDFs, images, or other files—of work for approval by their supervisor.

AXP supervisors of licensure candidates completing the experience program through the portfolio method play an important role in their candidates' path to licensure. Learn how to review an AXP Portfolio in this short video. Plus, read the AXP Guidelines  for a detailed explanation of the AXP Portfolio process, and check out our list of sample exhibits to understand the types of work candidates can use to demonstrate their competency.