Editor's note: NCARB has updated the timeline for migrating to PSI. 

Starting in early 2022, you can take the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) through our new exam delivery partner, PSI. PSI will replace Prometric for both in-person and online testing.

Keep in mind, PSI and Prometric just deliver exams—the exam’s content won’t change as part of the migration, and although you’ll notice some improvements to the delivery of the exam, the overall format won’t change, either. Learn more about testing with PSI.

Why is NCARB switching from Prometric to PSI?
NCARB is switching to PSI to improve the candidate experience. You can expect more direct customer service, appointment availability, and a smoother test delivery with PSI. Here’s more about what you can expect from the migration.

About the Migration:

  • Candidates will receive at least three months’ notice of the official launch date. NCARB is committed to ensuring a smooth migration, so we won’t set an official launch date until we’re sure all systems are ready. Once we set a date, you’ll have at least three months to continue to test with Prometric. Currently, candidates can schedule with Prometric through the end of January 2022, and we expect candidates to be able to start testing with PSI in February 2022.
  • NCARB will thoroughly pilot test the exam. NCARB will work with candidates to conduct small-scale user testing and larger scale pilot testing to make sure that the system is ready for you! Be on the lookout for more information about how to get involved with pilot testing.
  • The exam content will remain the same. NCARB isn’t changing the exam’s content, item types, or structure, so you don’t need to change how you’re studying.
  • You’ll be able to self-migrate to PSI. If you don’t have any appointments scheduled with Prometric, you’ll be able to self-migrate to PSI and begin scheduling exam appointments through PSI approximately two months prior to the launch with PSI.
  • Appointments scheduled through Prometric must be taken with Prometric. If you do have appointments scheduled with Prometric, you can self-migrate after completing those appointments. You will not be able to reschedule a Prometric appointment to be taken via PSI.
  • If you don’t migrate prior to the launch, you’ll be automatically migrated after. Choosing to be automatically migrated after the launch with PSI won’t have any negative impact on your testing progress.
  • You’ll receive regular communications. We’ll share updates throughout the migration, so be sure you’re subscribed to our ARE Updates to receive the most up-to-date information.

Benefits and Enhancements

  • The ARE will be offered at more test centers. When NCARB launches with PSI, the ARE will be offered in more test centers than currently available with Prometric. There will be at least one test center per NCARB jurisdiction (and in most cases, multiple test centers) as well as several international locations. A full list will be available closer to launch.
  • Reschedule policies will be adjusted providing candidates greater flexibility. PSI supports more flexible and less expensive rescheduling options. NCARB’s enhanced scheduling system will provide you the opportunity to take advantage of these options and save you money.
  • NCARB will update our test prep resources. Be on the lookout for updated ARE 5.0 Guidelines, an enhanced demo exam, refreshed test prep videos, and more, as we update our resources to make sure they’re as helpful as possible.
  • NCARB will launch updated score reports. With the migration to PSI, we’re expanding the feedback offered in “Fail” score reports to give you a better idea of how you did and how you can improve for next time. Passing score reports will remain the same.
  • PSI will offer dedicated customer service for ARE candidates. We’re hoping this migration improves your candidate experience, and the introduction of PSI’s dedicated support line for ARE candidates should help! You’ll be able to contact PSI for help with any issues while testing, whether online or in person
  • NCARB will develop full-length practice tests for each division. Expected later in 2022, NCARB will offer six separate practice exams—one for each of ARE 5.0’s divisions. These free resources will help all candidates better prepare for success.

Questions? Join us for an NCARB Live on September 14 at 2 p.m. ET, where you’ll have the chance to ask our experts about the migration to PSI.