It's Time to Complete Your Continuing Education Hours

For many architects and AIA members, the upcoming new year serves as a reminder to complete continuing education hours (CEH) requirement. We have you covered because there are a number of affordable continuing education (CE) resources available through NCARB.

Our Monograph Series is a one-stop shop for all your CE needs. Written by industry experts, these self-study resources enable you to fulfill your jurisdiction’s requirements.

Monographs are now available in both hard copy and digital format (called mini-monographs), so you can read them from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can take the accompanying quiz online, with instant test results and a certificate of completion. Each digital mini-monograph is worth one to two CEH.

The best part is both monographs and mini-monographs are free for NCARB Certificate holders and aspiring architects with an active Record. So stop worrying about CE, download your monograph today, and enjoy the upcoming holidays!

Note: Your architectural registration board is the ultimate authority for determining continuing education requirements in your jurisdiction. NCARB advises that you check with your board to determine the most current CE requirements.

Editor's Note: NCARB's Monograph Series was renamed the Continuum Education Program in early 2020.