Join the New ARE 4.0 Community

You asked for it, and we delivered. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the ARE 4.0 Community—a space where candidates can come together to ask questions, share best practices, and interact with our experts!

Community Features

Through the Google+ community, you’ll have access to exclusive prep videos, advice from architects who’ve taken the exam, and more. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that the accuracy of comments will be vetted by our moderators.

At the heart of the community, you’ll find video tutorials on all seven divisions. Learn how the vignettes are scored, test your knowledge with sample questions, and expand your study library with suggested resources.

To start, we’ve uploaded prep videos for Construction Documents & Services (CDS), Programming, Planning & Practice (PPP), and Site Planning & Design (SPD). We’ll release videos for the remaining divisions over the next few months, so stay tuned!

Right now, roughly 28,000 candidates are preparing for the exam. The community is a great place to meet emerging professionals across the country, pick up a few pointers, and share your own study tips.

Expert moderators
Our moderators will engage with the community throughout the business week, Monday through Friday. We’ll try our best to respond to questions within 48 hours.

Commenting and Moderation Policy

For the community to be a success, we’ll have to work together to maintain a respectful and engaging environment. So what does this mean for you?

  • You can ask questions about general exam content and policies.
  • Upload images of practice vignettes or other sketches. While our moderators won’t be able to “grade” your vignettes, other community members can provide feedback on your solution.
  • Link to your favorite prep blogs or articles.
  • Be polite and courteous, even if you disagree.

Before you head over to the community, please familiarize yourself with the ARE 4.0 Community Guidelines. Any content you provide will be governed by these guidelines.

Join today!
It is with great pleasure that we invite you to explore the ARE 4.0 Community—just one of the many resources we’ve developed to help aspiring architects achieve their career goals. Let us know what you think!