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Do you still need to satisfy your annual continuing education requirement? NCARB’s new continuum education course Indoor Air Quality for Architects: Design Buildings to Promote Health and Wellness is now available.

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged architects to reconsider numerous building system assumptions. With increased public interest in indoor air quality and the challenge of balancing an increased fresh air supply with energy-efficient building performance, NCARB perceived the need for continuing education in this area.   

As part of our commitment to provide architects with quality continuing education (CE) courses highlighting industry best practices, NCARB engaged RDH Building Science to develop our new, six-part CE series, Indoor Air Quality for Architects. RDH is a respected building science and construction engineering consulting firm that has authored many widely recognized guides and publications. 

Indoor Air Quality for Architects: Design Buildings to Promote Health and Wellness is the first of six courses designed to educate architects on fundamental indoor air quality (IAQ) concepts, health impacts related to IAQ, common contaminants, and how contaminants may be measured. If you’re looking to understand your role as an architect and the role of your broader building design, construction, and management team in promoting acceptable IAQ—then this course is for you! 

For more information, check out the course description and log into your My NCARB account to get started. All of NCARB’s CE courses are available for free to Certificate holders and licensure candidates or can be purchased for $25.

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