Wondering what NCARB is working on? Our staff and volunteer leadership regularly sit down with some of your favorite podcasts to share more about NCARB’s efforts to create a more accessible profession—listen to the episodes below to learn more!

Practice Disrupted: NCARB and the Future of Practice

In this episode of Practice Disrupted, two of NCARB’s staff architects discuss the future of architectural regulation with Evelyn Lee and Je’Nen Chastain. Listen as Senior Vice President of Programs Jared Zurn, AIA, NCARB, CAE, and Assistant Vice President of International Relations Patricia Ramallo, AIA, NCARB, CAE, LEED AP BD+C & Homes, explain how NCARB is using data to evolve the future of licensure. Plus, learn how we’re addressing disparities and impediments on the path to licensure to create a more equitable, accessible profession.

Inside the Firm: Monday Morning Coffee With NCARB President Jon Baker

Sit down with FY24 NCARB President Jon Alan Baker, FAIA, NCARB, LEED AP, as he explains NCARB’s Pathways to Practice initiative—an effort to create additional pathways into the profession outside of graduating from a typical National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) accredited program.

BYoung Design: NCARB’s Rolling Clock Termination

On April 31, 2023, NCARB retired the ARE’s five-year rolling clock policy. Learn more about the change and what’s on deck for the future of the ARE as Jared Zurn chats with BYoung Design.

Architectette: Patricia Ramallo—Behind the Scenes at NCARB

Learn more about how NCARB is responding to changing needs in the architecture industry and how we’re working to address diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues within architectural licensure.

Inside the Firm: Monday Morning Coffee With Bayliss Ward

Listen as FY23 NCARB President Bayliss Ward, NCARB, AIA, discusses his presidency at NCARB, running his own architecture firm, preparing for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®), and more.

Peas & Carrots: Get the Most Out of People! Embracing Emotion in a Logical Decision-Making World

Jared Zurn sits down with Peas & Carrot’s vodcast to discuss how exploring the emotional side of decision-making can help you manage more effectively. Learn more about how you can connect emotional needs with rational needs when you’re leading a team.