We know that as supervisors, you play a pivotal role in helping Architectural Experience Program ® (AXP®) candidates complete the path to licensure, and your role encompasses far more than just reviewing and approving experience reports. NCARB continues to develop resources for not only candidates but supervisors and other members of our community, ensuring that candidates and their supporters are well-informed as they work to earn their license.

Candidates rely on supervisors to assign work that will give them the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in all the experience areas and tasks required by the AXP. It is key that everyone involved is familiar with the ins and outs of the program and is on the same page when it comes to navigating the candidate/supervisor relationship.

Establishing expectations for you and your candidate can be difficult when you’re just starting out—which is why we’ve developed our AXP Candidate and Supervisor Expectations document as a resource.

This helpful, one-page guide is easy to print and share, so supervisors and candidates can quickly discuss shared and individual responsibilities. Among other things, candidates and supervisors should be able to expect the following:

  • Familiarity with the AXP, its purpose, and requirements
  • Regular meetings to discuss AXP progress
  • Ethical behavior—including accurate experience reports and a safe work environment.
  • Fair and honest feedback on the candidate’s work

Be sure that you and your candidate set yourselves up for success by reviewing and agreeing to these expectations. Plus, read the AXP Guidelines for all the details you need to complete the AXP, including detailed tasks for each experience area that candidates should be able to perform competently after finishing the program.

Interested in more supervisor resources? Check out our blog, YouTube, and AXP Supervisors Resources page, where we post tips, resources, and related webinars!