As a supervisor, you play a crucial role in helping the next generation of architects complete their path to licensure, so it’s important you have a good understanding of the Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®), its goals, and the responsibilities involved. To best support the entire supervisor community, including AXP Portfolio supervisors, NCARB has developed two supervisor training courses that are eligible for Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) Learning Units (LUs). Both CE courses are available for free through our Continuum Education Program to anyone with a My NCARB account.

AXP Supervisor Training (1.5 HSW LUs)

Our first interactive course explains NCARB’s requirements for supervision in the AXP, as well as practical and ethical considerations for supervisors and mentors. This course includes videos, required activities, and scenario-based questions exploring:

  • Learning science related to professional training
  • How to give useful feedback
  • How to utilize the AXP to provide structured experience
  • Considerations of unconscious biases that may affect your candidate’s professional development

AXP Portfolio Supervisor Training (0.5 HSW LUs)

NCARB also offers a CE course specifically for supervisors of AXP Portfolio candidates. By taking this course, supervisors will learn more about their role as an AXP Portfolio supervisor, plus this alternative path’s method to demonstrating competency to practice architecture.

Be on the lookout for additional training resources in the near future. In the meantime, consider browsing our entire collection of self-study courses offered through NCARB’s Continuum Education Program.