At NCARB, we continuously search for opportunities to provide resources to students that support a successful journey to becoming a licensed architect. After doing a deep dive for some of the most insightful TikTok accounts for architects—in no particular order, here are five TikTok accounts we recommend checking out to support your journey to licensure!

1. @byoungdesign

Bryn Young, Principal Architect of BYoung Design, has a feed full of tips, tutorials, and advice for architecture students. With topics that range from software recommendations to overcoming failing an ARE division—@byoungdesign has the insight you want into life as an architect and navigating the journey toward licensure.

A view of BYoungDesign's TikTok feed.

2. @architecture_unbound

With a feed full of exciting visuals and a behind-the-scenes view of what it looks like to build an architecture brand, @architecture_unbound finds creative ways to share the best tips and advice for navigating innovative tools to help you excel as an architecture student.

A view of Architecture Unbound's TikTok account.

3. @aiasorg

AIAS serves as a student-run organization dedicated to the success of architecture students. Check out their feed with insight from architecture students and opportunities to get involved now!

A view of AIAS' TikTok account feed.

4. @nomapdx

NOMA PDX, the Portland, Oregon, chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA), advocates to amplify and empower the voices of local creatives, underrepresented experiences within the design community, and social justice, equity, and self-determination. Their TikTok account highlights their mission through informative and creative visuals on the history of architecture, its present state, and what strides can be made to bridge gaps and establish greater diversity, equity, and inclusion within the profession.

A view of NOMAPDX's TikTok account.

In addition to these need-to-know accounts, consider following NCARB’s new TikTok account!

5. @ncarborg

Dedicated to helping students and those early on in their architecture careers, our TikTok account shares tips, how-to videos, and the latest resources and information needed along the path to licensure. Follow us and stay tuned—you may see a few of your colleagues and recently licensed architects share their experiences!

A view of NCARB's TikTok account.

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