Video: How to Review AXP Experience Reports

As an Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®) supervisor, one of your crucial responsibilities is reviewing the experience reports your candidates submits. Our quick how-to video will walk you through the process of finding, reviewing, and approving your candidate’s reports.

Once you’ve successfully created your AXP supervisor account, you’ll be able to view the reports submitted by your candidate. To ensure that both you and your candidate are familiar with the work documented in the report, try to review them as quickly as possible!

Meet with your candidate to discuss the report before you either approve the report, return it for edits, or reject it entirely. Note: you should only reject a report if its contents are entirely false (i.e., you don’t know the candidate or didn’t supervise their work during the specified time frame).

Check out our additional tools and resources for AXP supervisors, and be sure to download the AXP Guidelines for a full breakdown of the AXP requirements and the tasks your candidates should be learning throughout the program.