Watch Now: ARE Insights Webinar

Last week, hundreds of candidates tuned in to NCARB Live for exclusive test-taking tips. From tackling multiple-choice questions to avoiding fatal errors on vignettes, nothing was off limits for our examination experts. Watch as Jared Zurn, the Director of Examination, and Michelle Cohn, Manager of Examination Development, answer your questions.

Here’s a snapshot:

  • How can I avoid a fatal error?
  • When it comes to scoring, do all questions carry the same weight?
  • What materials should I study?
  • How many times can I retake a failed division?
  • Why can’t we get our results at the test center?
  • Will I automatically fail if I create a dead-end corridor?
  • How much will ARE 5.0 cost?
  • Will score reports be delayed because of the holidays?
  • Can I start testing if I haven’t completed the IDP?