Watch Now: What You Need to Know About ARE 5.0

Updated March 29, 2016

ARE 5.0, which will launch in late-2016, will include six new divisions that more closely align with current architectural practice and technology. During our latest episode of NCARB Live, our experts shared updates on new exam content, test prep materials, new questions types, and more.

Watch as NCARB’s Director of Examination Jared N. Zurn, AIA, NCARB, and Assistant Director of Examination Development & Research Ryan Misner, AIA, NCARB, answer questions from aspiring architects.

Plus, here are the webinar's the answers to your top FAQs:

Where can I find the resources mentioned in the webinar?

Is it true candidates can complete the ARE in just five divisions?

Yes—by using a combination of 4.0 and 5.0 divisions, you could complete the ARE in as few as five tests. If you do eventually transition, make a testing plan that addresses three key 4.0 divisions: Construction Documents & Services (CDS), Programming Planning & Practice (PPP), and Site Planning & Design (SPD). Learn more about planning your approach.

When will ARE 5.0 launch?

NCARB will begin the final stages of exam development and administration testing this spring, which will allow us to determine the official launch date of ARE 5.0 in late 2016 (sometime between October to December).

Will the Rolling Clock change?

The five-year Rolling Clock will remain the same, so be sure to pay attention to your expiration dates in My Examination. While taking five divisions may sound appealing, it may not be in your best interest to wait for ARE 5.0 and risk 4.0 exams expiring. Be strategic in how you approach your ARE 4.0 divisions and keep testing.

Can I start testing in ARE 4.0 after ARE 5.0 has launched?

Yes—if you already have your eligibilities to test before ARE 5.0 launches. If you would like to start testing in ARE 4.0, you will need to receive eligibility to test as an ARE 4.0 candidate. You will be able to maintain those ARE 4.0 eligibilities until you finish the ARE or until June 30, 2018 (whichever comes first). If you request your eligibility to test after ARE 5.0 launches, you will receive ARE 5.0 eligibilities only.

If I start taking exams in ARE 5.0, can I switch back to ARE 4.0?

No. Candidates who begin testing in ARE 4.0 will have the option to “self-transition” to ARE 5.0. Once you start testing in ARE 5.0, you cannot switch back to ARE 4.0.

When will NCARB release the ARE 5.0 exam guides?

This summer. We’re also developing an NCARB Blog series on the new divisions, so stay tuned!

If you have specific questions about your Record, please contact customer service at 202-879-0520.