Why Did You Pursue Architecture?

To celebrate National Architecture Week, we asked licensure candidates and architects to share why they pursued architecture. Check out some of the inspiring reasons for joining the profession.

"Architecture is my passion. I love the idea of converting sketches to reality and making a positive impact in the world."
Eleni Xenophontos, via Twitter

"I wanted to be an architect since I was in high school. After [Hurricane] Katrina happened, I felt like there was a need for creatives to really take a look at the needs of the community."
Jessica Parmenter

"I pursued architecture because of the power of physical and digital space to transform people's thinking."
Emy Day, via Twitter

"It just comes natural to me. Both of my parents were trained in architecture. My dad's a developer so there's a little of it in the family genes, but I've always wanted to be an architect."
Yuri Ramos

"I aspired to advocate by design, inspire with a sketch and educate through architecture."
Stephen Parker, via Twitter

"I decided to pursue architecture because I had a love for the built environment and the creative problem-solving that we get to do through architecture."
Haley Gipe

"In addition to science and art, I love learning. Architecture is the perfect medium for channeling all my curiosity."
Tina, via Twitter

Note: Twitter quotes have been edited for clarity.