Why You Should Finish the ARE This Year

We’re a few days into 2018, which means you’re probably starting to re-evaluate the resolutions you set for the year. Whether you need some motivation to keep it on your list or a few reasons to add it, here’s why you should make finishing the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) one of your goals this year.

  • ARE 4.0 retires in less than six months. If you’re taking 4.0, the upcoming June 30, 2018, retirement date is one big reason to finish testing. Candidates who haven’t completed the exam on June 30 will have to take the equivalent of any remaining divisions in 5.0.
  • You’ve already put so much work in. Whether you just graduated or have been in the profession for years, you’ve put a lot of work into getting where you are. Make the most of your accomplishments by finishing the ARE and getting one step closer to becoming an architect.
  • Strategic testing options are running out. Candidates with 4.0 eligibilities have just under six months left to test strategically by taking specific 4.0 divisions, transitioning to 5.0, and finishing the exam. Take advantage of this opportunity to pass the ARE in just five divisions!
  • Fees are going up in October 2018. Later this year, the cost per division will increase from $210 to $235. The total cost of all six ARE 5.0 divisions after the increase will be $1,410—still $60 cheaper than the total cost of ARE 4.0.
  • Earn your license. Once you pass the ARE and meet your jurisdiction’s other licensure requirements, you can get licensed and finally call yourself an architect. What other reason do you need?

And remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Check out the ARE 4.0 and ARE 5.0 communities to connect with fellow candidates, get help from NCARB experts, and share study tips.