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ARE Update: NCARB Provides New Data on Exam Performance

NCARB’s annual data publication provides new insight into candidates’ exam performance by demographics, plus details on the new post-exam survey and an update on tech issues. Released July 22, 2021

ARE Update: Upcoming ARE Language Impact Survey

Updates regarding an upcoming language impact study, Prometric’s mask policy, candidate misconduct, and NCARB's progress addressing technical issues. Sent June 2, 2021.

ARE Update: Migration to PSI Update and Rolling Clock Extension

Learn more about the timeline to PSI, an additional rolling clock extension for candidates, and an update on technical issues. Sent May 4, 2021.

ARE Update: Online Testing Tips

Learn about online testing tips, Prometric’s mask policy, and an update on NCARB's progress addressing technical issues. Sent April 20, 2021.

ARE Update: Schedule Your Online Test Run With Prometric

Reminder of free test runs with Prometric, plus updates on the exam content's gender-neutral language and progress with addressing tech issues. Sent April 6, 2021.