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ARE Update: Schedule Your Online Test Run With Prometric

Reminder of free test runs with Prometric, plus updates on the exam content's gender-neutral language and progress with addressing tech issues. Sent April 6, 2021.

ARE Update: PSI Migration Timeline

Update on the move to PSI in early-2022, important reminders for people taking online proctored tests, and progress addressing technical issues. Sent March 22, 2021.

ARE Update: Technical Issues Update, Testing Data, and Resources

Information about appointment availability for June and July 2021, resources for online testing, and an update on tech issues. Released February 22, 2021

ARE Update: Cut Scores for 6 Divisions Available

Learn more about our latest release of score reports for the remaining ARE 5.0 divisions, new data about the online exam, and how NCARB can help with technical issues. Released February 5, 2021.

ARE Update: Prepare for Your Online Appointment With Our Test Run Resource

Through your NCARB Record, you can schedule a free, 30-minute test run appointment with Prometric to confirm your computer and testing space meet the requirements for online proctoring. Released January 26, 2021