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Your role as an AXP SUpervisor

Your Role as an AXP Supervisor

As an AXP supervisor, you play an important part in guiding licensure candidates through the experience process and providing a safe work environment. Learn more about your role and the value of the experience program.

How AXP Supervisors and Candidates Can Work Together

How AXP Supervisors and Candidates Can Work Together

Watch as AXP supervisors and licensure candidates talk about ways to build a positive relationship to ensure candidates can complete the experience program smoothly and successfully.

NCARB Live: Diseñando Tu Futuro

Please note, this webinar is completely in Spanish. En este segmento, completamente en español, exploraremos como obtener una licencia de arquitectura en los Estados Unidos, desde el establecimiento de tu NCARB Record hasta el cumplimiento de los requisitos de educación, experiencia, y exámenes necesarios para oficialmente llamarte un arquitecto o una arquitecta.

NCARB Live: Designing Your Future in Architecture

This webinar provides an overview of the licensure process—including the education, experience, and examination requirements. During the Q&A portion, we answer audience questions about reporting professional experience, state-specific requirements, and more.

NCARB Live Follow-Up: Digital Whiteboard Part 2

NCARB's exam experts answer candidate questions about the new digital whiteboard tool, plus a live demonstration.