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Historic Preservation Part IV: Economics & Sustainability

Examine preservation in the 21st century as it becomes more relevant and mainstream. Along the way, you'll learn how to fund and address the complexities and considerations of preservation work in a sustainable manner.

ARE Update: Upcoming ARE Language Impact Survey

Updates regarding an upcoming language impact study, Prometric’s mask policy, candidate misconduct, and NCARB's progress addressing technical issues. Sent June 2, 2021.

National Architect: Architect Shares Experience in Waterfront Infrastructure and Resiliency

New York architect Dena Prastos shares her passion for waterfront infrastructure and resiliency, as well as the challenges she’s overcome throughout her career. Sent June 1, 2021.

Sustainable Design Part VI: Economic Analyses (2021 Update)

Review the capital investments in equipment, system upgrades, and building maintenance and operations that support buildings with a reduced environmental impact.

Designing to Model Nature: Applying the Concepts of Biomimicry

Learn about the concepts and principles of biomimicry needed to solve design problems—such as sustainability issues—plus inspiration from nature used to solve challenges over time and its influence in today's design processes.