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ARE Update: Prometric ProProctor Software Update

Prometric’s update to the ProProctor online exam software and tips to improve your online testing experience—including advice from a licensure candidate! Released October 5, 2021.

ARE Update: Some Prometric Test Centers Now Require Proof of Vaccination

ARE candidates in some areas will now be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination before being allowed to test on site at Prometric test centers. Candidates can check Prometric’s site status page to determine if their testing location requires proof of vaccination. Released September 27, 2021

ARE Update: More Info About the Upcoming Migration to PSI

More information about the migration to PSI, exam calculator updates, Prometric’s mask policy, and NCARB's progress addressing technical issues. Released September 21, 2021.

2021 NCARB by the Numbers

Explore NCARB by the Numbers

Explore the latest trends on diversity in architecture and the path to licensure with NCARB by the Numbers.

Adaptive Reuse: An Environmentally and Socially Beneficial Alternative to New Construction

Adaptive Reuse: An Environmentally and Socially Beneficial Alternative

This course addresses the social well-being fostered by preserving and revitalizing the existing urban fabric; complying with regulatory challenges unique to adaptive reuse; supporting sustainability through reuse; and upgrading systems while improving accessibility to existing buildings.