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Legislative Guidelines

Legislative Guidelines and Model Law/Model Regulations

This document is a guideline for the regulation of registered architects that is designed to be adopted by architectural licensing boards and state legislatures. Updated June 2018.

NCARB Bylaws

NCARB Bylaws

Updated July 2018. The NCARB Bylaws outline NCARB's membership, regions, make up of the Board of Directors, services to state boards, finances, committees, and indemnification.


Public Perception of Licensure

NCARB partnered with Benenson Strategy Group to conduct a survey exploring the public perception of licensure and regulation.

2019 NBTN

NCARB by the Numbers (June 2019)

The 2019 edition of NCARB by the Numbers provides exclusive insight into the path to licensure, diversity in the profession, and NCARB's 100-year history.

Continuing Education Guidelines

Continuing Education Guidelines

Updated June 2019. This document helps licensing boards, architects, continuing education providers, and continuing education accreditors understand the requirements of CE that qualifies as Health, Safety, and Welfare.