ARE 5.0 Credit Model

The divisions of ARE 4.0 are mapped to the divisions of ARE 5.0 to ensure competency of candidates that may complete the ARE through a combination of divisions in both versions.

Destination Architect: Time to Earn a License Drops (Sept-Oct 2016)

NCARB’s data reveals the time to earn a license is decreasing, and the pool of licensure candidates is growing more diverse.

2016 Think Tank: Why Licensure Matters

NCARB's 2016 Think Tank members share why they are pursuing a license in architecture.

National Architect: Why It’s Never Too Late to Earn an Architecture License (Sept-Oct 2016)

Spread the word: experienced design professionals in your firm can get back on track with our new AXP Portfolio option.

ARE Update: 5.0 Demo and Testing Strategies (September 2016)

The ARE 5.0 Demonstration Exam and Prep Videos will familiarize you with the exam and prepare you for success.