How do I know if my degree is from an architecture program that is NAAB-accredited?

You can browse all current NAAB-accredited programs through the  NAAB’s school search tool.

How do I become an architect licensing advisor?

Interested in helping guide the next generation of architects? Contact  advisors@ncarb.org to learn more.

How do I add my education to my NCARB Record?

To add education to your NCARB Record, select “Education” and then “Add University.” Then, you should have your school send an official transcript directly to NCARB using either your school’s electronic transcript request system (use transcripts@ncarb.org as the recipient email address and include your NCARB Record number in the notes section) or our transcript request form.

How can I volunteer for an NCARB committee?

The best way to get involved with an NCARB initiative is to contact your jurisdiction’s licensing board. And be sure to opt-in to NCARB emails, so you’re the first to hear about new volunteer opportunities.

How can I join the Think Tank or Re-Think Tank?

NCARB accepts applications for emerging professionals to serve on the Think Tank and Re-Think Tank in late spring each year. Learn more about the Think Tank and Re-Think Tank.

How can I help with a Freedom by Design project?

Contact your  local AIAS chapter  to learn about Freedom by Design projects in your area.