With an increasingly global economy, your practice is no longer limited to the location of your initial license. We want you to have the freedom to go wherever your career in architecture takes you—including abroad. To expand the opportunities available to NCARB certified architects, NCARB has established agreements with the licensing authorities of several foreign countries based on the concept of mutual reciprocity.

Mutual Reciprocity Arrangements

Through NCARB's established agreements, Certificate holders can pursue reciprocal licensure in the following countries: 

Australia and New Zealand
Learn more about earning a license in Australia or New Zealand through our Mutual Recognition Arrangement.

Discover more about seeking reciprocal licensure in a Canadian province through our Mutual Recognition Agreement.

Pursue opportunities for licensure in Mexico through the Tri-National Mutual Recognition Agreement.

Related International Organizations

NCARB works together with the following international organizations to explore further reciprocity possibilities abroad. 

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
NCARB helps maintain the relationship between the United States and other members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) through the Architect Project.

International Union of Architects
Interested in exploring opportunities in a country not listed here? Find more information on international standards of practice.