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What is the difference between a My NCARB account and an NCARB Record?

A My NCARB account is a free account that provides access to several NCARB resources, such as the ARE 5.0 demonstration exam or the AXP supervisor portal. An NCARB Record is a paid service that documents your professional history—including your education, experience, and examination details. You will need an NCARB Record to complete the AXP, take the ARE, and become NCARB certified.

How do I change my name on my NCARB Record?

Please contact us online or at 202-879-0520. NCARB will need a copy of your state-issued ID and the legal name change document (such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree) to support your request.

How do I add or edit my license information in my NCARB Record?

Sign into your NCARB Record, navigate to the “Registrations” tab, and click “Add Registration.” You must have your license/registration number, the date your license was received, and expiration date to add it to your account.