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Who should I contact to start the registration process with a foreign country?

If you would like to pursue licensure through one of our mutual recognition arrangements, review the signatory jurisdictions to ensure your jurisdiction is a participant. If you would like to earn a reciprocal license in Canada, Australia, Mexico, or New Zealand, please  contact our Customer Relations team once you have met the requirements for eligibility.

How do I apply for licensure in another jurisdiction?

Architects can easily apply for licensure in another jurisdiction through their NCARB Record. Simply select the "New Registration Order” button under the “Registrations” tab and follow the instructions on your screen. Learn more about  applying for a reciprocal license.

Do I need an NCARB Certificate to apply for licensure in another jurisdiction?

While it’s possible to gain a reciprocal license without being certified, all 55 U.S. jurisdictions accept the NCARB Certificate and 24 jurisdictions require it. To find out if your desired jurisdiction requires the Certificate for reciprocal licensure, explore the  licensing requirements tool.

What countries does NCARB have mutual recognition arrangements with?

NCARB currently has agreements to facilitate reciprocal licensure with Australia, Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand. Learn more about our mutual recognition arrangements.