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Continuing Education

What is NCARB’s Monograph Series?

NCARB’s Monograph Series is a collection of self-study resources by experts in the profession. By reading our monographs and taking an online quiz, you can earn continuing education hours in HSW from the comfort of your home. The monographs and mini-monographs are always free for NCARB Certificate holders and licensure candidates with an active NCARB Record.

What is health, safety, and welfare (HSW)?

Many U.S. licensing boards, as well as the AIA, require architects to earn CEH in topic areas of health, safety, and welfare (HSW) every year. All NCARB monographs meet HSW requirements. Find out if your board requires CEH in HSW through our licensing requirements tool.

How many CEH does my jurisdiction require for licensure renewal?

Most of the 55 jurisdictions require architects to earn CEH before each license renewal. Find out if your board requires CEH through our licensing requirements tool.

How do I take a monograph quiz?

You can take a monograph quiz by following these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your NCARB Record.
  2. Click “Go” next to Monographs.
  3. Pick the monograph or mini-monograph you’d like to purchase. If you’re an NCARB Certificate holder or licensure candidate with an active NCARB Record, you won’t be charged. You will receive a confirmation email with an access code.
  4. Once you’re ready to take the quiz, enter the access code from your confirmation email.

You’ll see your results immediately and will have the option to either print your certificate of completion or retake the quiz. Your passing score is automatically reported to the AIA at no additional cost.

How do I keep track of my LUs or CEHs?

While NCARB does not keep track of learning units or continuing education hours in your Record, we will automatically report passing monograph scores to the AIA at no charge.

Can I take a monograph and mini-monographs on the same topic?

Because our mini-monographs are pulled from the corresponding monograph, you must choose one or the other.

What are continuing education hours (CEH)?

One continuing education hour (CEH) equals one hour in an education program—such as NCARB’s Monograph Series. CEHs are sometimes referred to as learning units (LUs) and are required by most jurisdictions to renew your license.

How long do I have to pass a monograph quiz?

After you download or receive your monograph, you’ll have two years and two opportunities to finish the quiz. If you would like to re-take the quiz for a third time, please contact our Customer Relations team at 202-879-0520. Subsequent retakes cost $25 each.

Do I need to complete CEHs to renew my NCARB Certificate?

You do not need to complete any continuing education hours or learning units to renew your NCARB Certificate.

Can licensure candidates access NCARB’s Monograph Series?

Licensure candidates with an active NCARB Record have free access to NCARB’s Monograph Series. Plus, you can earn up to 10 AXP hours by reading the Professional Conduct Monograph and passing the related quiz.