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Will NCARB consider altering its leadership structure to allow for greater diversity?

To address the NCARB volunteer leadership culture, NCARB’s volunteer-led Diversity Collaborative Task Force is in the process of drafting suggestions for adjustments to the leadership path that will help further support equity, diversity, and inclusion within our volunteer and leadership structure. We hope these efforts will result in increased diversity in our Board and larger volunteer community not only in terms of race, but also in age, gender, background, education, experience, and more.

While appreciative that we have more work to do, we're excited to share that our next incoming president, Alfred Vidaurri, will be the first Latino president in NCARB’s history. In addition, four of our six regional chairs are now filled by women which will lead to increased gender diversity in the short term.

Who can serve on the NCARB Board of Directors?

Service on the NCARB Board of Directors is available to individuals who have served or are serving on U.S. state or territorial licensing boards, who are typically appointed by governors or other local leadership. Licensing board delegates vote annually to elect candidates for the Board positions. The pool of potential board members, and their electors, is therefore limited to and reliant upon appointments made by governors and other appointing authorities.

What is NCARB doing to improve diversity within the organization?

NCARB has developed a strategy for encouraging appointing officials (such as governors) to place more diverse individuals on state or territorial licensing boards. We are committed to both providing and promoting opportunities for architects of all backgrounds to get involved in our organization.

NCARB is working with local AIA chapters and the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) to encourage people of color to serve on state licensing boards, as well as on our various committees (which allow for greater networking with the licensing board community).

We encourage everyone within our community to recommend or apply for licensing board appointments by exploring the open positions on licensing boards as featured on our website, which are updated as soon as they become available.

How can I get involved with NCARB?

There are two key ways to get involved with NCARB:

Volunteer for your state licensing board—In most states, board members are appointed by the governor or other local leadership. NCARB regularly updates a list of jurisdictions with open licensing board positions.

Join an NCARB committee—Serving on an NCARB committee is a great way to get involved with licensing boards around the country and hear the latest updates about additional opportunities. Committee members are appointed each spring for the upcoming fiscal year, which runs from July – June. While most committee members are members of state licensing boards, NCARB does publish a call for volunteers to serve on the Think Tank, Re-Think Tank, additional focus groups, and some ARE development-related committees. Learn more about NCARB committees.