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Architectural Experience Program (AXP)

Who is my AXP supervisor?

Your AXP supervisor manages you on a daily basis and is ultimately responsible for your work. Their main task is to assign projects that give you the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required by the AXP, as well as provide feedback that helps guide your professional development. Your supervisor will also review your experience reports and certify that your work meets the expectations and requirements of the AXP. Learn more about your  supervisor’s role.

When can I start earning experience?

You can start earning AXP experience after you graduate from high school (or the established equivalent).

What should I do if the experience report my candidate submitted isn’t accurate?

If you do not agree with all the information your candidate has documented, you should return their report for edits. Be sure to review the necessary changes with your candidate and provide feedback that will help them in the future. Once your candidate has made the changes you discussed, they can return the report to you for approval. Learn more about  reviewing experience reports.

What is the smallest denomination of hours I can enter in the online reporting system?

The smallest increment of time the system will accept is .25 hours, or 15 minutes.

What is the reporting requirement?

All AXP experience must be reported within a specific period of time, known as the  reporting requirement. To earn full credit for your work, you must submit experience within eight months. Specifically, you will submit experience in reporting periods of no longer than six months and within two months of completing each reporting period. Experience reported beyond this eight-month period—and as far as five years back—is still eligible to receive 50 percent credit toward the AXP.

What is the duration requirement?

Some jurisdictions have a minimum employment duration requirement for initial licensure. For example, if your jurisdiction has a three-year duration requirement, you’ll need to document three years of qualifying experience, with the AXP counting toward this requirement. Find out if your board has a duration requirement through our  Licensing Requirements tool.

What is the AXP Portfolio?

Through the  AXP Portfolio, seasoned professionals can submit exhibits of work to fulfill the experience requirement for licensure. To be eligible for the portfolio, you must be able to document applicable experience that is older than five years. To see the full list of requirements, download the  AXP Guidelines.

What is the Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®)?

The AXP provides a framework to guide you through earning and recording your professional experience. The program is accepted by most U.S. jurisdictions and is a key step on the path to earning an architecture license.

What is my role as an AXP supervisor?

As an AXP supervisor, you manage the candidate on a daily basis and are ultimately responsible for their work. Your main tasks are to provide work assignments that give your employee the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required by the AXP and provide feedback to guide their professional development. You will also review your employee’s experience reports and verify that their work meets the expectations and requirements of the AXP. Learn more about  your role as an AXP supervisor.

What is experience setting O?

Setting O includes experience opportunities that can be performed outside an architecture firm. Some of these opportunities allow you to gain AXP experience while unemployed or working in a non-architecture field. There is no minimum number of hours required for opportunities in this setting, although each has a maximum limit.