Will NCARB consider altering its leadership structure to allow for greater diversity?

NCARB is currently reviewing potential adjustments to the leadership path to help support equity, diversity, and inclusion within our organization. The process to implement these adjustments may take time, but we hope they will result in increased diversity in our Board and larger volunteer community not only in terms of race, but also in age, gender, background, education, experience, and more.

Will I be able to test online if I’m located internationally?

Yes. You can take the ARE online from anywhere in the world, as long as your testing environment meets the technical and environmental requirements for online proctoring. Note: Some countries may have restrictions in place that do not allow online proctoring.

Why doesn’t NCARB provide more feedback on score reports?

NCARB has enhanced the information provided on ARE 5.0® score reports with our migration to PSI. The new score reports are designed to provide you with clearer feedback on failed division performance so you understand where to focus your test prep before retaking a division. You may view your score report at my.ncarb.org after you have completed a division of the ARE.

Why do I have to sign the ARE Candidate Agreement?

NCARB takes the security of ARE content seriously. You are required to accept the Candidate Agreement before each division to protect the exam and ensure you are aware of the potential consequences of violating the exam’s security. Learn more about the Candidate Agreement.

Who should I contact to start the licensure process with a country outside the United States?

If you would like to pursue licensure through one of our mutual recognition arrangements, review the signatory jurisdictions to ensure your jurisdiction is a participant. If you would like to earn a reciprocal license in Canada, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom, please contact our Customer Relations team once you have met the requirements for eligibility.

Who is my AXP supervisor?

Your AXP supervisor manages you on a daily basis and is ultimately responsible for your work. In most cases, your supervisor must be an architect licensed in the U.S. However, there are certain experience settings that allow for engineers, landscape architects, and unlicensed individuals to serve as your supervisor. Learn more about your supervisor.

Who develops the ARE?

The ARE is developed by NCARB with the help of hundreds of volunteer architects from across the country. Throughout each year, these volunteers write new questions and review current questions to ensure they meet quality standards.

Who can serve on the NCARB Board of Directors?

Individuals who have served or are serving on U.S. state or territorial licensing boards are eligible to serve on the NCARB Board of Directors. Licensing board delegates vote annually to elect candidates for the Board positions.

Where can I take the ARE?

Regardless of where you are seeking registration or received eligibility from, you can take the ARE at PSI test centers throughout the United States or internationally, as well as through PSI's online proctoring platform, Bridge. 

Where can I find the latest information about the ARE?

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