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ARE 5.0

How do I schedule an appointment to take a division?

You can easily schedule a division through My NCARB. Learn how to  schedule an ARE 5.0 division.

How do I request exam eligibility?

You can easily request eligibility through your NCARB Record by following these simple steps:

  1. Log in to My NCARB and click on your NCARB Record
  2. Go to “Exams”
  3. Click “Request Eligibility”

After our system confirms that you meet your jurisdiction’s requirements, an email will be sent to your board asking them to approve your request.

How do I report a testing concern?

If you have questions or comments regarding your exam, you must note the concern to the test center administrator and contact us in writing within 15 days of your test date. Learn more about reporting test concerns in the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.

How do I know if test prep materials are NCARB-approved?

Approved materials will be listed  here. These materials will also use NCARB’s Test Prep Provider logo to designate their status.

How can I take an ARE 5.0 practice test?

You can access the free ARE 5.0 Demonstration Exam, which includes 20 practice questions, through My NCARB.

Does NCARB recommend any third-party ARE 5.0 study materials?

Yes—you can find a list of NCARB-approved materials  here. We also encourage candidates to take advantage of NCARB’s  study resources, including the ARE 5.0 Handbook, ARE 5.0 Community, and Test Prep Video Series.

Do passed divisions expire?

A passing score remains valid for an initial five-year window from the date you took the exam—this is known as the rolling clock. If you haven’t completed the ARE before the rolling clock period for a division ends, the passing score will expire, and you will need to retake that division. Learn more about the  rolling clock and requesting an extension.

Can I take the ARE while completing the Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®)?

Of the 55 jurisdictions, 50 licensing boards allow candidates to take the ARE while completing their experience—this is known as early eligibility. Find out if your board allows early eligibility through our  licensing requirements tool.

Can I review, challenge, or verify my results?

If you would like to review a failed exam, contact your board of architecture immediately. The process and fees involved will vary based on your board. Please note: Some boards do not allow reviews. If this is the case, you will not be able to review your failed division. To learn more about this process, download the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.

Can I reschedule an exam appointment?

You can reschedule an existing appointment up to four business days in advance by 12p.m. EST, although a  rescheduling fee may apply. Please note: Saturday and Sunday are not considered business days.