Schematic Design (SD) focuses on the application of knowledge and skills required for the schematic design of buildings and interior space planning.

Schematic Design Details
Intro Time     
Graphic Vignette Testing Time; 1 hr Interior Layout
Scheduled Break  15 min  
Intro Time    
Graphic Vignette Testing Time 4 hr Building Layout
Exit Questionnaire     
Scheduled Appointment Time 6 hr  

Study Resources

Preparing for Schematic Design? You can find examples of passing and failing solutions for two sample vignettes and suggested references in our exam guide. Plus, use our SD practice program to solve sample vignettes, and watch our prep video series on the building layout and interior layout vignettes. You can also access the cloud-based version of the vignette practice program through My NCARB.

SD includes two vignettes on the following content areas:

  • Interior Layout: Design an interior space plan and furniture arrangement responding to program, code, and accessibility requirements.
  • Building Layout: Develop a schematic design for a two-story building addressing program, code, site, and environmental requirements.