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ARE 5.0

Will the content/length of online-proctored exams be the same as the exams administered at the test center?

Yes! Candidates testing online will experience the same exam as candidates testing in person, with the same number of items, same testing length, and same exam content and objectives.

Will the changes necessary to enable online proctoring make the exam easier or harder?

Neither. The content you will be assessed on when you take an ARE division, as well as the proportion of items each content area takes up on the exam, are not changing. Note: Because the exam length is changing, NCARB will need to set a new cut score after the online proctoring option launches. However, the cut score for each division will be set at the current difficulty level of the corresponding division.

Will NCARB-approved materials improve my chances to pass the ARE?

While  NCARB-approved materials  are verified to appropriately cover the key elements of the division, passing the ARE typically requires a combination of education, experience, and studying. Therefore, NCARB does not guarantee that the use of approved materials will result in a passing score.

Will my passed ARE 4.0 divisions transfer to ARE 5.0?

The ARE 5.0 Credit Model shows how passed ARE 4.0 divisions will transfer to 5.0. You can also use our Transition Calculator, available in My NCARB, to see the 5.0 credits you will receive if you've passed 4.0 division(s) and plan to transfer to 5.0.

Will I have access to scratch paper during my online-proctored exam?

Once the option for online proctoring launches on December 14, candidates testing online and in person will no longer have access to physical, paper-and-pencil scratch paper. Candidates will be able to use a digital whiteboard tool instead. This tool is now available to test in the demo exam in My NCARB. 

Will I be able to test online if I’m located internationally?

Yes. Prometric (as well as future exam vendor PSI) offers online-proctored exam times around the globe 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. If your testing environment meets the technical and environmental requirements set by NCARB and Prometric, you will be able to test—regardless of your current global location.

Will I be able to take breaks during online-proctored exams?

Yes, you will be able to take a break during an online-proctored exam appointment. Keep in mind, you will need to complete the check-in process again after any break. In addition, you will be unable to access any exam items viewed prior to your break for security reasons.

Will I be able to see my provisional scores after an online proctored exam?

Yes, the option to view provisional feedback will be available in both test centers and remotely proctored environments. However, if you test within the first four weeks of launch, your score report will likely be delayed while a cut score is set, and provisional scoring will not be available. 

Why doesn’t NCARB provide more feedback on score reports?

On a failing score report, you will find descriptive feedback about your level of performance on each section of the division. Descriptive feedback is not provided on passing score reports as the exam is designed to assess your ability to practice architecture—not to be used as a “teaching tool.”

Why do I have to sign a “Candidate Agreement?”

To ensure the exam’s integrity, you will be required to accept the Candidate Agreement before each division. Any inappropriate access to or disclosure of ARE content may result in severe disciplinary action, including the suspension of testing privileges and/or the cancellation of scores. Learn more about the Candidate Agreement.