Candidates who do not follow NCARB’s rules and security measures are subject to our policies on cheating, exam content disclosure, and testing irregularities.

Cheating and Disclosure 

NCARB staff and legal counsel are authorized to investigate alleged cheating, attempts to disclose the substance of Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) questions, and candidate misconduct in regards to the ARE. Candidates found to be violating the ARE Candidate Agreement will be subject to NCARB Board of Directors action, which may include but is not limited to holding scores and suspension of future ARE testing privileges pending resolution of the matter and, with the approval of the president, commencing legal action against any person threatening the integrity of the ARE. Further action may include referral of the matter to the Council's Professional Conduct Committee for its recommendation to the Board of Directors. Such recommendations may include the cancellation of ARE scores and the suspension of future ARE testing from NCARB's discovery of the incident and, in appropriate circumstances, seeking recovery of costs and civil damages in a court of law. 

The NCARB Board of Directors has established the following: 

Policy for the ARE: Cheating and Disclosure 
April 2015 
The Board of Directors has established the Policy and Procedures for Testing Irregularities (the “Policy”) to provide procedures in the event of Architect Registration Examination® testing irregularities. The Policy is contained in the ARE Directorate’s standard operating procedures. The Board anticipates that the Policy will be applicable to most of the testing irregularities described therein. Nevertheless, the Board reserves the right, in particular instances, to define a testing irregularity and impose any sanction it believes appropriate and necessary to protect the integrity of the ARE, which may amount to either more or less than the specific provisions of the Policy. Any action taken by the NCARB Board of Directors is final and non-appealable. In addition, if an individual is found to have committed a testing irregularity, as determined in the reasonable discretion of NCARB, and he or she subsequently seeks NCARB certification, the previous finding will be considered by NCARB in deciding whether or not to grant NCARB certification. 

Testing Irregularities 

The following policy has been established by NCARB's Board of Directors to provide procedures in the event of Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) testing irregularities. Testing irregularities include inappropriate test center conduct, unauthorized access to materials or devices while at the test center, dissemination of ARE content, or the act of seeking ARE content. The ARE is copyrighted and at the time each candidate takes the ARE, he or she also enters into a candidate agreement pledging, among other things, not to disclose any ARE questions or their content. Disclosure of test questions including any specifics about a portion of a question or vignette is a violation of the ARE Candidate Agreement and NCARB’s copyright. In addition to the sanctions described in the Policy and Procedures for Testing Irregularities, where warranted NCARB will pursue all legal remedies available to recover monetary damages caused by such conduct and to enjoin violations of its rights with respect to the ARE. 
Upon discovery of any testing irregularity, the NCARB staff shall have the authority to place a "hold" on pending scores and all open exam authorizations to test and cancel any scheduled exam(s) pending further investigation, review by the Professional Conduct Committee, and action by NCARB’s Board of Directors (if applicable). In the event that no action is taken or only a warning letter is issued, NCARB will reopen any closed authorizations to test and assist the candidate in rescheduling the canceled exam(s) at no additional cost to the candidate. 
Review all of NCARB's ARE policies in the ARE 5.0 Guidelines