Joseph P. Giattina, Jr. of Birmingham, AL, assumed the leadership as President of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) at the organization's Annual Meeting and Conference held in June in Charleston, SC. Having been elected First Vice President and President-Elect a year ago, Giattina succeeds Susan May Allen of Morgantown, IN. Giattina is the President and Treasurer of Corporation of Giattina Fisher Aycock Architects, Inc.

Others elected at the Annual Meeting include:
Peter Steffian, First Vice President/President-Elect, Boston MA
C. William Bevins, Second Vice President, Charleston, WV
Robert A. Boynton, Secretary, Richmond, VA
Patrick W. Ryan, Director, Region 2, Georgetown, DE

Members of the 1999-00 NCARB Board of Directors are:
Joseph P. Giattina, Jr., FAIA, President, Birmingham, AL
Peter Steffian, FAIA, First Vice President/President-Elect, Boston, MA
C. William Bevins, AIA, Second Vice President, Charleston, WV
C. Robert Campbell, AIA, Treasurer, Albuquerque, NM
Robert A. Boynton, FAIA, Secretary, Richmond, VA
Susan May Allen, AIA, Past President, Morgantown, IN
Frank Guillot, AIA, Director, Region 1, Burlington, VT
Patrick W. Ryan, AIA, Director, Region 2, Georgetown, DE
Fabian A. Patin, AIA, Director, Region 3, Lafayette, LA
Norman H. Rudi, AIA, Director, Region 4, Ames, IA
Pamela J. Hill, AIA, Director, Region 5, Bozeman, MT
Dennis B. Patten, AIA, Director, Region 6, St. George, UT