NCARB’s Monograph Series has been renamed the Continuum Education Program. Through the Continuum Education Program, NCARB seeks to provide continuous learning and professional development for individuals at every stage in their architecture careers, ranging from students to seasoned professionals.

Originally launched in the 1990s to provide self-study continuing education (CE) materials for architects seeking to meet license renewal requirements, the refreshed Continuum Education Program emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning. Over the next several years, NCARB will work to develop additional CE resources as part of the Continuum Education Program.

NCARB will continue to release regular self-study CE courses—formerly called mini-monographs—as a free benefit for NCARB Certificate holders and licensure candidates with an active NCARB Record. The courses are also available for purchase for individuals without an active NCARB Record.

Every Continuum Education course includes a short article and related quiz, offering 1 to 2.5 hours of Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) continuing education credit. The majority of our courses are part of a multi-part series written by recognized experts, allowing readers to go beyond the basics.

Continuing Education Requirements

Most of the 55 U.S. jurisdictions require that architects earn HSW CE before each license renewal. NCARB courses are accepted by all licensing boards. For more information on what qualifies as HSW CE, refer to our Continuing Education Guidelines, which outlines the subjects or topics that learning programs must address to be considered HSW CE.

Recent CE Updates

Prior to refreshing the Continuum Education Program, NCARB made several other recent updates to its continuing education services. As of September 2019, NCARB no longer offers long-format courses for CE credit, although long-format courses are still available as reference material.

In addition, the following Continuum Education series were retired in December 2019:

  • Accommodations for Seniors
  • Building and Designing for Security
  • The Hidden Risk of Green Buildings
  • Who Needs a Spec Writer

Courses in these series will no longer be available for CE credit after January 31, 2020.