NCARB made the following changes to its Certification Guidelines, Model Law and Regulations, and Bylaws, voted on during the 2022 Annual Business Meeting and effective July 1, 2022: 

Requirements for Certification in the NCARB Certification Guidelines: 

Section 1: 

  • Some edits were made around language to provide clarity 
  • One section on evaluating qualifications was removed as it was based on previous paper application processes that no longer apply 

Section 2: 

  • The “Alternatives to the Education Requirement” section was amended to emphasize that NCARB determines which path is appropriate based on a candidate’s background, clarify requirements for the Two Times AXP path, and clarify that applicants who choose to get an Education Evaluation Services for Architects (EESA) evaluation must meet any deficiencies identified within the EESA report. Additionally, clarification was added to this section alerting candidates that they can only complete either the education or experience alternative, not both. 

Section 5: 

  • This section was updated to align with the NCARB Bylaws and Professional Conduct Committee’s Rules and Procedures. 

Appendix A: Architect Registration Examination: 

Appendix B: ARE 5.0 Exam Equivalents: 

  • This section was removed and will be made into an independent guide to be updated accordingly.  

The document has also been redesigned and updated for accessibility readability. Architects seeking certification after July 1, 2022, should reference the updated document.   

NCARB Model Law and Regulations

  • The definition of “Responsible Charge” in Article I, Section 103 was deleted and revised to: Responsible Control – Responsibility for exercising the ultimate authority over, and possessing the knowledge and ability to oversee, delegate, and integrate the design and technical decisions related to the preparation of the project’s instruments of service and the project’s implementation in conformance with the standard of care.” 

NCARB Bylaws

  • Article XII, Section 8 in the NCARB Bylaws was revised to insert the following language as new subsection I of Article XII, Section 8: 

“I. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee: The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee explores and recommends strategies to improve the diversity, equity, and inclusive culture of NCARB to ensure that the organization represents the population it serves.” 

  •  Omnibus updates: several holistic updates were made, such as replacing pronouns with gender-neutral alternatives and clarifing election procedures.