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Wind Forces Part II: Wind Effects on Buildings/Procedures for Wind-Resistant Design in Practice

Continue our exploration of basic wind principles with this review of the relationship between stream flow and the pressures developed on building surfaces. $25 (free for NCARB Certificate holders).

Sustainable Design Part III: Performance Metrics

Learn more about reducing the impact of building construction and operation on the environment with the third installment of our Sustainable Design series. $25 (free for NCARB Certificate holders).

NCARB Monographs

Take Advantage of NCARB Monographs

With over 47 jurisdictions requiring CEH to maintain your architectural license, our Monograph and Mini-Monograph series make meeting these requirements as easy as possible.

Why Buildings Fail V

Why Buildings Fail Part V: Errors During the Construction Phase

Review examples of the types of failures that can occur during construction and brush up on your knowledge of how to avoid them with the fifth installment in this mini-monograph series. $25 (free for NCARB Certificate holders).

Architectural Acoustics VI

Architectural Acoustics Illustrated Part VI: Noise Control—Impact Noise and Community Noise

Explore the best design methods to mitigate both impact and community noise with the sixth installment in this mini-monograph series. $25 (free for NCARB Certificate holders).

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