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Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design Part II: Integrated Design

Review how to integrate green building standards into your project’s design with the second installment of our Sustainable Design series. $25 (free for NCARB Certificate holders).

Wind Forces

Wind Forces Part I: An Overview of Wind/Winds & Buildings/The Nature of Wind

Explore basic wind principles and brush up on the effect wind has on buildings with the introduction to our new Wind Forces series. $25 (free for NCARB Certificate holders).

Subsurface Conditions Part IV: Site Development Considerations/Management of Site Materials/What Can Go Wrong

In the final installment of this four-part series, explore site development considerations and the management of site materials. $25 (free for NCARB Certificate holders).

Seismic Mitigation Part IV: Improving on Existing Construction & Mitigation of Seismic Forces

Review seismic design strategies that can be used to mitigate earthquake forces, particularly when retrofitting existing buildings. $25 (free for NCARB Certificate holders).

Subsurface Conditions Part III

Subsurface Conditions Part III: Foundations/General Site Development

Review the appropriate use of various types of building foundations as they relate to soil mechanics and water conditions in the next part of this series. $25 (free for NCARB Certificate holders).

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