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ARE Update: Don’t Impact Your Future—the Importance of Exam Security (March 2018)

NCARB wants to be sure every candidate understands the candidate agreement and important testing policies.

ARE 4.0 Building Systems (BS): Mechanical & Electrical Plan Vignette 

In this video, we’ll take an inside look at the Mechanical & Electrical Plan Vignette. Learn how the vignette is scored, tips for using the exam software, and strategies for solving the vignette! 

ARE 4.0 Building Systems (BS): Multiple Choice 

In this video, we’ll take an inside look at the division’s content, test your knowledge with sample questions, and build your study library with suggested references!

ARE 4.0 Exam Guide: Building Systems

Contains 42 sample multiple-choice questions, one passing and one failing solution for the sample vignette, and a list of references.

ARE 4.0: Building Systems Available Formulas 

This list of formulas will be available for reference when taking the Building Systems division of ARE 4.0.

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