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Why You Should Finish the ARE This Year (Jan-Feb 2018)

Whether you’re testing in ARE 4.0 or 5.0, here are some reasons why you should make 2018 the year you pass the ARE.

ARE 5.0 Guidelines

The ARE 5.0 Guidelines includes an introduction to the exam, an overview of appointment times, plus five steps to completing the exam through ARE 5.0.

Wind Forces Part III: Building Design Concepts to Resist Wind/Descriptive Examples of Building Design for Wind

Continue our exploration of basic wind principles with this review of how building structure can be designed to resist pressures. $25 (free for NCARB Certificate holders).

Sustainable Design Part IV: Performance Metrics

Learn more about reducing the impact of building construction and operation on the environment with the fourth installment of our Sustainable Design series. $25 (free for NCARB Certificate holders).

IPAL Annual Report

IPAL Annual Report Form

IPAL-accepted schools should use this form to submit their annual report.

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