Coming Soon: ARE 5.0 Provisional Feedback

Beginning November 1, 2017, Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) 5.0 candidates will have the opportunity to view immediate provisional feedback of their performance. Made possible by ARE 5.0’s new web-based technology, provisional feedback is being offered in a continued effort to improve the exam experience and align with common testing practices.

What to Expect at the Test Center

At the end of each exam, every ARE 5.0 candidate will have the choice to view their provisional feedback. After completing the brief exam survey, candidates will be asked if they would like to view their provisional feedback or just end the exam appointment. Candidates who don’t view the feedback at the test center can simply wait to get their results via the official score report, which are typically released to My NCARB within a few days.

The provisional feedback displayed on screen will inform candidates of their overall likelihood to pass or fail the division. Keep in mind, the feedback provided at the test center is fully accurate but not official, because the results have not yet undergone further statistical analysis. Because of this, a printout of the feedback will not be provided at test centers.

Official Score Reports

NCARB’s psychometric testing experts complete additional forensic analysis of each candidate’s results between the test center administration and the release of the official score report. This analysis looks for candidate performance anomalies that suggest misconduct. Only in extreme cases, forensic analysis may lead to the official score report being held or invalidated after further investigation.

Provisional feedback does not replace the importance of the official score report, which will still be released per the rules of each jurisdiction. Remember, the official score report contains complete information about the appointment, candidate performance, and rolling clock information. Failing score reports will continue to provide greater feedback on how the candidate performed on each content area of the division.

To learn more about ARE 5.0 and provisional feedback, join NCARB’s ARE 5.0 Community.