In an effort to strengthen the relationships between licensure candidates and Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®) supervisors, members of NCARB’s 2019-2020 Think Tank created a Licensure Progress Worksheet—a document aimed to facilitate active discussion of a candidate’s progress, goals, needs, and expectations.

Download the Worksheet

Designed to be completed on a regular basis by both candidates and supervisors, the newly launched worksheet will enable supervisors to further understand where their candidates are in the licensure process and what they need to succeed. Our hope is that as candidates and supervisors meet, both will be able to use the Licensure Progress Worksheet to ensure that everyone is on the same page about where things are headed and where course corrections may be necessary. Additionally, the worksheet will provide firms with a standard method to document progress for all candidates.

What’s Inside?

The Licensure Progress Worksheet provides candidates and supervisors with a clear, concise format to document progress and encourage success while on the path to licensure and beyond.

  • Candidate Goals: This section prompts candidates to identify top priorities, short- and long-term goals, and issues or expectations that should be addressed. Candidates are encouraged to discuss their responses with their supervisors and jot down possible action plans and next steps.
  • Program Progress: Candidates can also document their experience and examination progress, plus any additional requirements they may have to complete for their jurisdiction. This will provide both candidates and supervisors with a clearer picture of candidate progression, as well as offer a sense of accountability.

Keep in mind, the bulk of the worksheet should be completed ahead of scheduled meetings, allowing candidates to maximize the time they set aside with their respective supervisors.

Ready to start tracking your licensure journey, while enhancing the working relationship with your supervisor? Be sure to fill out the Licensure Progress Worksheet before your next supervisor check in.