The Foreign Architect Path to NCARB Certification is for applicants who hold an active license to practice architecture outside of the United States or Canada. In order for NCARB to determine eligibility for this program, we must verify that applicants have a foreign license and degree that meets the Foreign Architect Path's requirements.

NCARB verifies these documents by having applicants submit NCARB’s Credential Verification Form (CVF) and reviewing applicants' official academic transcripts.

Please note that verification can only be completed with documents that are submitted in English and provided by the issuing institution, university, or credentialing authority. NCARB cannot accept documents submitted by applicants directly.

Translation Instructions:

If the Credential Verification Form cannot be completed in English or official academic transcripts are not issued in English, the documents will need to be translated by a certified translator.

Certified translations can only be accepted through official and verifiable sources such as the university, legal, notary, embassy, or other certified translation services. These providers do not have to be based in the United States or American Translators Association (ATA) certified; however, all translations must be provided on official letterhead, along with copies of the originals and a statement of confirmation that includes the following information:

  • How the transcript/document was sent to their office for translation. This confirmation should include the name of the university or entity that sent the transcript/document to their office for translation.
  • The method by which the transcript was sent (i.e. postal mail or email).
  • Confirmation that the translation was completed using the official document received.
  • Translator contact information, including company name, mailing address, active email address, and phone number.

Transcripts should be submitted to and completed Credential Verification Forms should be submitted to or, if mailed, to:

3570 Bladensburg Road
Brentwood, MD 20722

For more information, please review the Foreign Architect Path to Certification Documentation Checklist, which outlines the application process and required documents. The checklist also outlines how official documents should be sent and who should send official documents to NCARB.