NCARB is thrilled to be part of the 2023 International Union of Architects World Congress Expo!

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The resources below provide more information on how we work with the global community to understand competencies to practice architecture, establish agreements with other countries, and how architecture regulation works in the United States.

Global Competency Study

NCARB “global competency” study aims to understand the competencies required for the practice of architecture worldwide, as well as how they are taught, assessed, and maintained. Our goal is to gather an internationally representative list of tasks required to perform the role of an architect, as well as the knowledge and skills essential to perform those tasks.

The questionnaire is divided into six sections: general/regulatory, education, experience, examination, continuing education, and permitting. Respondents will be pre-identified representatives from entities involved in the licensure/registration process and regulation of the practice of architecture from each geographic area and at each step of the process. Respondents may complete different sections for the same country/jurisdiction based on their area of expertise.

International Regulation Roundtable

Representatives from architect regulatory entities worldwide are invited to join NCARB’s International Regulation Roundtable. This virtual annual event provides an informal forum to exchange information and discuss the state of licensure/registration and international reciprocity.

Email your contact information to to learn more.

Mutual Recognition Agreements/Arrangements

Countries looking to learn more about recognition agreements with the United States should reach out to our international relations team. They will be available at Booth C2-038!

NCARB works on behalf of the 55 U.S. jurisdictional boards that establish and oversee the rules and laws related to practice architecture within their borders. NCARB currently has recognition agreements with the following:

  • Australia 
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom